Welcome to the website of Iwona Gurgas and
Mariusz Kedzia's farm.

We are a family orchard farm. We specialize in highbush blueberry cultivation and production of its cuttings in different types. The fruits are deli-ciously covered with a light blue coating. They are very well adapted to transport and storage. The plantation has an area of 6 ha and was established in 1998. 80% of the area was planted with the Bluecrop and the Spartan variety. In 2007 we planted 3.5 ha of the same varieties of blueberries and a further 3.5 ha in 2009 with Elizabeth, Duke, Brigitta and Chandler. We intend to continue to grow gradually. You will find more information about our fruits and seedlings in our offer.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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